Shamanic Healing for Uncertain Times

Shamanic Healing is offered to men and women regardless of identity or circumstance. 


Whether times are feeling uncertain for you personally, or you are feeling the impact of societal, environmental, global uncertainty, Shamanic Healing may ease your sense of discomfort and empower you with insight.


Shamanism is as old as the hills. Its ancient origins inform our modern knowing of who we are.  Shamanic practice is available for for all. It can prove its worth at times of challenge and discomfort in our lives.

Shamanic  Healing for Uncertain Times

You may be feeling depleted, dis-eased, out of harmony, blocked in some way; maybe you sense that your own true voice is not singing with ease or at all. Over thousands of years, across cultures and continents, humans have always found a way to get back on track and feel better.


In ancient and indigenous communities there has been - and in places still is - a person able to communicate with the wisdom of spirits, ancestors and guardians on behalf of the community. 

In a shamanic healing session today the one who has been through appropriate apprenticeship and life experiences to practice in this way can do so on behalf of others. A Shamanic Practitioner is the go-between of the client and the spirit world.

What is the 'spirit world'?

We are within a web of living energy and matter. Our daily lives are experienced in a very physical way (what can be called our 'seen' reality). This, together with our thoughts, anxieties and dreams (an 'unseen' reality) makes us human.

There is also the 'unseen' reality of spirits, guides, ancestors, guardians and allies. It is this which a shamanic practitioner communicates with. Rich with wisdom, if honourably asked, messages and insights of the spirit world can be shared with us to benefit our well-being.

What does a Shamanic Healing Session look like?

A Shamanic Healing session is as individual as you are. I work on your behalf with my Spirit Allies and Drum, gathering awareness of the situation that presents itself. For that reason each session is unique and will unfold in its own way.

We begin with a consultation, a chat to discern your needs. I then communicate with spirit guides on your behalf and share back with you so you may integrate what is shown for your healing to take place. 

The session may include any one or all of the following: Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Removing Spiritual / Energetic Blockages, Ancestral Healing.

Power Animal Retrieval

Retaining our sense of personal power can be an ongoing challenge. To be reminded of and reunited with our personal power can inform our daily lives with a fresh sense of joy and strength. Our power in the human world has an ally in the spirit world which often shows up  as an animal - hence the term 'Power Animal'.  I communicate with the spirit world to ascertain who your power animal ally is so you may build relationship with them.

Soul Retrieval

If we have found ourselves in a traumatic or challenging situation a part of us, a part of our 'soul' can step aside - a coping mechanism that can work in our favour. Many times this part of our soul is unable to get back without assistance. Soul retrieval finds the 'lost' part and returns it to you and your energetic field, often with guidance so you may fully integrate your healing.

Removing Blockages

Sometimes we feel stuck. Sometimes we have the sense of something that doesn't belong to us being present. This doesn't mean that there is anything 'bad' it just means there is something there which is not 'yours' - not of you - which is blocking a free flow of who you are. 

Ancestral Healing

We are the very cells of thousands of ancestors and as research is backing up what has been known intuitively for eons - our cells hold memory. Ancestral Healing traces the line to a point of ancestral disquiet. 

Animal Healings

Our companion animals also experience life emotionally and many have accepted healing work on their behalf. 

An initial chat with you is followed by a more in-depth consultation and shamanic work on your behalf and is completed with feedback back to you.


Just as it is important that you are ready to heal, so it is also important that an exchange happens between us for my services and time offered on your behalf.

Current guidance is £105 for me to undertake shamanic healing on your behalf.


All is received with gratitude.