The Cailleach Tree

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The Cailleach Tree

Face times of uncertainty and challenge 

Draw strength from ancient wisdom

Meet your chakra allies 

We start wherever you are with whatever brings you here. This is an offering to walk a step or two with you as you gather your innate strength and knowing to live your best life. 

The Cailleach is as ancient as our human interaction with the land itself. Legend of her is woven into these British Isles, Eire and lands that face towards the West from Portugal to Norway.

She is the haggard yet benevolent goddess, the shape-shifting crone, the guardian of sacred waters, the sovereign of beast and bean. She is woven within folklore and myth and stormy weather.  We see her in the old twisted Hawthorn, the weathered ancient rocks and deep within our own psyche during the dark moon, short cold days of winter and long dark nights of the soul.

And yet, in the old tales, when the time comes she can shapeshift into the youthful one, the maiden, morphing winter back to spring, death and re-birth flushing through her veins as the melting ice replenishes new green shoots. As elusive as Deer in her many guises, she weaves with us through the liminal edge of forest and clearing, sun and shadow, land and sea, age and youth, life and death.

For many of us these are tough times. The old ways have been thrust hard in our face and crumble in our hands. We may be reluctant to look at what is happening. Yet new life does grow out of old, as the Cailleach, this ancient one, may show us.

Through mentoring or within small group gathering we can weave the ancient wisdom of the land with our own inner wisdom to discover that at each chakra we have elemental allies who may be as much of crone as new-born child. With these allies we can realise our own ancient wisdom, the rock within our bones, the sap through our veins, the Cailleach Tree that weathers the storm.


There is flexibility for payment depending on your circumstances: 

£35 - £50 is a guidance for an initial 60 minute session and affordability options are available


Small Group Circle and Walks to meet the Cailleach

In preparation stage and planned to begin during Autumn 2021

The intention is to walk within landscape linked with the Cailleach and her legends.  

We will have opportunity to explore what this is for us individually and how we may honourably play our part with what Mother Earth asks of us in these times. 

Contact me to register interest.