Healing and Ceremony for Women

The healing and ceremony that occurs here is unique to you.

Contact me in confidence so we may find what may benefit you.

Ceremony and healing are offered as a way to honour the births and deaths we may encounter throughout our life as a woman. These may be times of joy, longing or loss.

The births and deaths of woman are both universal and unique to each of us.

Whether you are seeking guidance for creating ceremony to honour a birth, honouring becoming a mother, seeking healing for womb longing of not conceiving for any reason, seeking healing and ceremony for womb loss following a miscarriage or neo-natal death, or an honouring and healing following a hysterectomy, or any other matter you may have experienced of your woman's mystery, I will hold space with integrity for you with the Spirit guides who work with me.

You may wish to honour any of the three stages of your womanhood - menarch (the time of first menstrual bleed), motherhood (in its many guises) and crone (menopause and onward). Ceremony can be created for these and healing offered as appropriate. 

I work with women regardless of sexual orientation and cultural background - what matters is that you are open to integrate what is shown for healing to occur.


Just as it is important that you are ready to heal, so it is also important that an exchange happens between us for my services and time offered on your behalf. 

As there is quite an individual nature to this work current guidance is £60 for first 2 hours and £20 for each hour following.


All is received with gratitude.

Spirit of Mother Events

Until March 2020 I held afternoon events for women to explore who they are in the context of  their relationship with Mother Earth and the Divine Mother within.


These gentle gatherings of story, creativity, nurturing and drum-led opportunity were woven with the elements and guidance from primordial mother spirit to gain deeper insight of who we are.

This work is now weaving within The Cailleach Tree