Mam Mor Matters

We have all been birthed through the universal, cosmic mother as much as our own birth mother. Some of us have birthed others through our own bodies. Some of us have birthed ideas and creations into being. The way we were mothered as children (and are as adults) has and does colour our individual lives. The matter of mothering effects us all and is impacting how we live our lives from the myriad ways we nurture our own body and spirit to how we nurture Mother Earth and are, in turn, nurtured by her.

Healing and Ceremony for Women

Ceremony and healing are offered for the specific experiences of women. These may be times of joy, longing or loss. Here is more on this.

Healing and Ceremony with Mother Earth

Humanity has a strained relationship with 'Mother Earth'. We also have many beautiful experiences with this land and planet which is our home. This is what I am currently offering.

Healing our Relationship with our own Mothers

The human experience of growing up can be thwart with drama and sometimes trauma. This can continue to impact into our adult experiences. Shamanic Healing may be able to assist you.

Mam Mor Matters:

'Mam' is a British name for 'mother' in a number of regions.

'Mor' is a Norwegian name for 'mother'.

'Matters' - things of matter and that do matter for woman. There is also a close slide between 'matter' and 'matre', mahte', mater', 'madre'.