Children and Teens

Meet and Greet Your Power Pal

Supporting families with children during 'lockdown'

Without any or with very limited in-person interactions with friends and school or study mates, social and emotional development can be testing for children, teens and students.

I offer 'Meet and Greet Your Power Pal' with suggested activities at special rates for young ones. 

So much more than an 'imaginary friend' a Power Pal may show up as an animal, bird, plant... or maybe a character from legend.


A Power Pal helps us get back in touch with our inner power and as we build up a relationship with them so we can live as happily and well as possible.


Once we know who is there in spirit to support us dealing with the tough stuff becomes a whole lot easier!

Special rates available for children and teens who are challenged due to 'lockdown'. Contact me in confidence.

Graphic Lion

* I will work on behalf of under 18s providing I have consent from both parent and child / teen.

Who is waiting to meet you?
Could it be anyone like this....
...or is it someone else?