About Sue

I work through shamanic practice following guidelines taught to me over a number of years together with guidance from my Spirit allies.

Throughout my adult life I have been holding space for families, with children of all ages and with women through community work, educational roles and holistic therapy practice. 

Since early childhood I have been aware of and steeped in the world of spirit and soul within us and as it leaves our body. My initial teacher of spirit and healing was my father.

My mothering experience is rich with variety and family life experience in many guises and I am now a grandmother of little ones. 

The natural world is my home, my inspiration and my guidance. 

My shamanic background is deeply rooted within my ancestry and ancient heritage of this land of the British Isles and Ireland. It is guided by ancestral spirits of both here and the Nordic lands of my maternal father line. 

Whilst primarily a North European, my wider spiritual background has included wisdom and guidance with teachers from various parts of the world including the Americas, Southern Africa and the Himalayas.

I apprenticed with Suzi Crockford, my teacher for core shamanism and ancient ways, whose teaching is a deep weave with the land that we are. 

I work as effectively through distance healing as in person.

Sue Rose Gold

Shamanic Healer

Artist, Writer. Teacher

What people say:


"I turned to Sue for help during a difficult time. Her insightful, inner knowing, which she graciously shared with me, helped me to deal with the issue. Gracie and I are very grateful for her guidance and help in beginning the process needed to heal ourselves. I can't recommend Sue highly enough."    

"A Heartfelt thank you to Sue for her support. Sue's shamanic journey on my behalf was incredibly insightful and gave me the tools needed to help me navigate the difficult issue that life presented me with."

Why 'Mam Mor Matters'?


'Mam' is a British name for 'mother' in a number of regions.

'Mor' is a Norwegian name for 'mother'.

'Matters' - things of matter and that do matter for woman.


There is also a close slide between 'matter' and 'matre', mahte', mater', 'madre'.

nb - for men as well as women our relationship with Divine Cosmic Earth Mother within ourselves, land and spirit feels key to the well-being of our current generation, those past and those yet to come.

Other Credentials:

BA - Psychology / Child Development

Hon BEd

Cert Ed

Forest School Leader

Holistic Therapy qualifications include:

Dip Reflex

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki with Horses

Soul Plan Reader

Metamorphic Technique Practitioner

Link to available published work: